Dearth of Teachers Lead to Cramming in of Deficiently Qualified Teachers in UK


In a desperate resort to render teachers to the rapidly increasing number of secondary school students, more than half of the teaching posts have been crammed in with unqualified teachers in the UK. Recent report by National Audit Office suggests that multitudes of secondary school teachers are pulling away from their designations.

The report of the preceding year states that half of the openings were filled in with teachers who did not meet the qualification standards of teaching. Besides, one in every ten openings remained vacant, that is, it rested dormant without any teacher. The report mentions that due to mass exodus of teachers prior to their age of retirement in schools of England, last year, the principals of these schools are struggling to fill in the vast vacancies with proficient teachers.

The Department of Education is unable to state it out in black and white as to how much their attempts to retain the teachers have yielded.

The figures of teachers who pulled away from the profession due to reasons aside from retirement had almost touched 35,000 last year, as per the study.

Amyas Morse, head of the NAO, said: "Schools are facing real challenges in retaining and developing their teachers, with growing pupil numbers and tighter budgets. The trends over time and variation between schools are concerning, and there is a risk that the pressure on teachers will grow.”