Don’t Let Your Student’s Attention Waver In Classroom, With Interesting Teaching Techniques


Wish to leave a lasting impression on your students, the very first day? Here are four effective teaching techniques which will help you to stay in the student’s mind longer than you remain in the classroom:

  1. The Desire Method

Don’t do it the customary and clichéd way by setting off to teach about a certain topic straight out. Instead, start off with an interesting anecdote or even a catchy line to immediately grab the student’s attention. Besides, it becomes imperative that the student know the purpose of being taught a particular topic. This triggers the desire effect among the students.

2 Feel the Pain

Sometimes causing pain kicks off an incidence or forms a situation where everybody gets benefited and it won’t be an exaggeration to say that pain plays a pivotal role in notching up noticeable success. So a good strategy to seek student’s attention is to make them feel the pain of losing knowledge which is essential to lay the foundation for their bright career. If somehow a teacher is able to communicate his message with the students then there is no reason why his students

3.The Preview strategy

Build anticipation among the students by sharing the extensively planned out way to go about the curriculum. This helps them envision a preview of the learning of in the coming almanac session, which they can look forward to. Just like a movie’s trailer triggers the curiosity of the audience, the preview strategy instigates and grabs the student’s attention.

4. Incorporate VAK

The ideal learning environment is when a student is an active participant in the classroom, it is when he sees, listens and feels the knowledge that is shared. This blend of visuals, audios and Kinesthetics ought to be present to make the student’s learn at their best.