Dwindling Population of Male teachers in Primary Schools


Looking at the current rate at which the number of male teachers is diminishing, researchers claim that if such a trend continues, there will be not a single male teacher left in the primary schools of Australia, 50 years from now.

A study on the number of teachers in Australia’s primary and high schools concludes that since 1977 the number of male teachers has declined radically. The study shows that male teachers in primary and high schools of Australia has plummeted 10 percent and 14 percent respectively since 1977.

Kevin Mcgrath, who carried out the survey said that in Australia there were no policies initiated by the government in order to inspire male teachers to pursue the teaching profession. Moreover, he said that this lop-siding trend of does not seem to slacken in the future without intervention or redressal from the government’s end.

The study finds that if decline of male teachers continues to drop at the same pace, then by 2054, the entire male teaching population will become extinct from the primary and high schools of Australia. no

Dr McGrath points out two reasons as to why more and more men are losing interest out of the teaching profession. Firstly, due to low pay and secondly because teaching has long been established as a feminine job subsequently causing a male teacher feel emasculated. Moreover, men teaching at primary schools fall easy targets of sexism. Men don’t perceive teaching as a prospective career option anymore.

Mc Grath in his study also considers some redressals. He suggests that the government ought to raise the number of permanent teaching posts as well as offer scholarships alike to the ones provided in male-dominated industries to females.

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