Education: What Makes a Teacher Great?


A good teacher is more than a content expert. A good teacher demonstrates compassion for students, helping them see their purpose and value in a global society as well as their smaller community.

A good teacher listens as much as he/she talks, facilitating students thought processes, allowing students to take “safe” risks, so they can learn from mistakes as well as successes. A good teacher commands respect to ensure the learning process is uninterrupted, but he/she does this with genuine concern and example, rather than by fear or threats. Good teachers are well prepared for their intended lessons as well as the unexpected ones. They seize the teachable moment and know when to scrap the days lesson at a moments notice.

Good teachers are open to the ideas of others and realize they have much to learn from their students. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colours. Good teachers assess what they teach, not what they haven't taught. They do not deduct points for forgotten names on papers unless assessing how well someone followed that specific direction.

They recognize that everyone learns differently and at different speeds. They are encouragers. They are also honest in communicating deficiencies when noted, not to discourage, but to improve. They do so tactfully and genuinely and with the learners’ interests in mind. Good teachers do not allow personal bias to limit the expectations or potential of their students. Teaching is not just a job or profession; rather, it is a vocation, a calling.

A teacher plays a very important role in the formation of the basic mentality and personality trait of a child. A teacher has a huge responsibility of shaping the future of a country by laying down a strong and concrete foundation by educating the student about the ethics and morality and the true meaning of life.

The merging of this question was idiocy because it asked what makes a teacher ‘good’ versus ‘what makes a great teacher?’. If you understood nuances and syntax of the English language, you would know it’s two completely different questions, but some aren’t always the most intelligent creatures crawling about the net."

The question is a bit ambiguous. If you are asking “What makes a teacher perform their duties well?” Or “How can we determine a teacher is an average teacher?” Then I can answer this.

However, your answer, as it is stated, suggests a moral component of someone who imparts knowledge. That is my first impulse when I see your question. Such as “What makes a man good?” Or “What makes a Law good?” I can answer on that basis as well.

Good denotes a standard. So, there must be a standard by which the degree of goodness is measured by. If we are just talking about teaching techniques and meeting common core standards, then we’ve already missed what makes a teacher good and what makes a ‘good’ teacher.

I have highly disliked the English misuse of the word good as opposed to well. Of course, well could be used to describe someone in terms of health.

Good - goodier - goodest

Well - weller - wellest

Best - bestier - bestest

Good - gooder - goodiest

If you see the above words as flawed — thank a teacher.

(Are you even reading this or just scanning like most students!!?)

I firmly believe that how you frame a question directly affects the quality and type of response you receive. Most answers here assumed you meant “How can you rightly perceive a teacher is doing their job well?” Their answers were not very informative nor were they helpful. They were short and limited in scope or understanding.

The best teaching your money can buy

Your question, as it is framed, attaches a moral equivalence to the occupation of teaching. I do somewhat agree, that, teachers are judged by a higher standard than other jobs. I believe this, due to their ability to sway, control, or Influence those who know less. It would be easy for an immoral teacher to use this power to manipulate or exert undue influence and control over less-informed persons.

This is why teachers are trained to know their subject material. They are expected to maintain their credentials by taking classes that inform them regarding the advances in their fields of expertise.

Being a teacher is extremely difficult in today’s world. That is why not just anybody can do it. Are their wacky and stupid people teaching? Yes, of course, and there always will be. This is my thoughts on what makes a teacher good and what makes for good teachers.

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