Effective Tips on How to Find Your First Job While Studying


As soon as finished studying, every postgraduate struggles to find a job. Nowadays the job market is very competitive, and it is not easy to get a profitable position even for experienced workers let alone the pledges.

When hiring for a position, many employers tend to ask about your practice and already gained skills. However, most of the college students have only a theoretical idea of his or her duties in a sphere but lack a practical approach. Thus, it would be highly advisable for a student to practice while you are studying, so you would already have some experience and achievements to include in a resume.

The Most Approachable Solution

The best jobs for college students that do not require any practice and specific knowledge are part-time jobs. Such as usually, the employers can teach you all of the needed info regarding the possible duties by themselves. The main task for you is to show your potential employer that even though not experienced, you can still become useful for the company. It is not very difficult to get a place in a café or fast food restaurant, but it can provide you with a real-life knowledge regarding the working process of a team. The best part time jobs can include a huge variety of positions such as:

  • Food Service Jobs
  • Tutor or Teacher
  • Customer Support
  • Sales Assistant
  • Manager in a Hotel, Hostel, etc.
  • Blogger
  • Instagrammer
  • Boutique Sales Associate
  • Customer Service in a Book Shop
  • Front Desk Associate
  • SMM
  • Administrative Assistant

Or you may search for job opportunities directly at your campus. Often there're such openings:

  • Campus Tour Guide
  • Library Assistant
  • Dorm Receptionist
  • Research Assistant
  • Security Monitor
  • Cafeteria Worker

Seek for Internships and Volunteering

Many successful people say that there is no gain without pain such as to get a dream job in the future, students need to try their best while studying. You should never underestimate the benefits of volunteering practice or internship. Even if you receive no financial gains for the work, you still can get the needed real-life experience. Moreover, if try your best, you can turn an internship to full time job. Nowadays, there are dozens of propositions you can find not only on an online job board but on social media or social networking connections as well. Thus, you can develop both your hard skills while working in the relevant field, soft skills by helping others and extending your networking contacts. Plus, needed to be mention, there're lots of paid internships, especially among Fortune 500 companies, besides if volunteering is something close to you, but you also need some cash, you may find some job in a non-profit organization, for ex., try yourself as a charity fundraiser.

Tips for Writing a Resume with No Experience

When seeking for the first job, mind there are many tricky details and aspects. For example, your application paper should consist of relevant keywords to ensure that it would go through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). So you should take the whole process very seriously and keep in mind the following tips while creating your college freshman resume:

  • Resume style

Try to make your resume style readable and straightforward. Recruiters consider two of the most appropriate resume designs: black and classic one or the one with editings. When choosing the last one, it is meant the design where the page is divided into two main parts, where at the smaller side on the left you keep your full name and personal contacts such as professional email address, phone number and (optionally) your social media accounts (such as LinkedIn). On the right side, you highlight your objectives, education, skills, certificates, experience, and languages.

  • Resume size

According to modern trends, the resume size must fit one A4 page or even both sides if there is such a need.

  • Resume type

Though a chronological resume type is the favorite one among applicants and recruiters, for newcomers, it would be better to write in functional or combination type. In such a way, you can turn attention to the education section of resume and show all of the transferable skills, rather than your work experience.

  • Resume fonts

The resume fonts should be 10-12 pt. You can consider one of these: Calibri, Helvetica, Gill Sans MT, Lucida Sans, Tahoma, Verdana, Cambria, Didot, etc. Try not to use the monospace or fantasy fonts: Comic Sans, Papyrus, Times New Roman Gigi, etc. as they are in the recruiters black list.

  • A photo on resume

The US or UK job seekers should never add their personal photos. Also, avoid including any personal info meaning your gender, age, or nationality. It can be considered as discrimination; thus, it is illegal. While in Europe, there are no strict rules and requirements for the photo adding. Moreover, in some cases, it is even advisable to put one on your resume. In Japan and in other Asian counties, you must add a professional picture to the resume. However, in Australia and Canada, employees would rather not attach one.

  • Resume sections

As far as education is your strong side, you need to show it first. Mention your university, faculty, and specialty; the GPA ( if it is more than 3.5), and relevant course works. Plus, an employer should see from the first glance all your advantages such as various certificates, outstanding extracurricular activities, university work.

  • Action words

Remember that you need to implement all of the action words logically, so a recruiter would grab all of the essential info immediately. Use job description to choose the most relevant ones to the position and put a few in the same wording.

Never Underestimate the Importance of Tech

Nowadays you can find various resources that can become a reliable and the best first resume builder. These can be various companies providing help from the assistance of an AI resume builder to useful tips regarding the color of your socks to wear on a job interview. Moreover, you can find the professionals who can write not only a resume for first job but also any other type of application files such as a cover letter, motivation letter or CV. Additionally, there are many websites where you can find hundreds of job offers. Here are some of the best services:

1. Skillroads

A progressive AI career building service would help you with everything from resume critique to interview help.

2. Leap.ai

An innovative resume writing service also AI based. Created by ex-Googlers just blow the job market at the end of 2017

3. Google for Jobs

Google's job hunting service, which brings together job postings from across the web and helps job seekers easily find their next job directly in Google Search.

4. Freelancer

The world's largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace by a number of users and projects.

5. Glassdoor

Everything you need to know about the company from the first hand. The service searches millions of jobs and get the inside scoop on companies with employee reviews, personalized salary tools, hiring and interview process feedback and more.

6. Indeed

As well as Glassdoor, one of the biggest and trusted job and applicant searching systems.

7. Monster

Online job boards, plus, career advice from the job experts.

8. CareerBuilder

An online employment website. Helps in browsing jobs and finding fresh job postings.

Attend Job Markets

If you struggle writing a resume with no experience and have no idea what to do, then instead of frustration, seek for the possibilities. Despite the modern tendency of global unemployment and the difficulty for students to get a job, still, there are many job markets organized by interested employers who are willing to hire even, though, inexperienced but passionate undergraduate students. On these events, you can search all of the needed info regarding the required skills and qualifications in a sphere of your interest. Thus, you can search not only available jobs for college students but also find a concrete job description directly from professionals in a sphere.

Even if an inexperienced student, it does not mean that there is no way how you could get a job that suits you best. So do not wait until your dreams come true, but use any possibility to find the best vacancy despite being in the process of learning.

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