Effects of Professional Development on the quality of Teaching


Professional development refers to different types of educational experiences that are related to an individual's work. Doctors, lwawyers, educators, accountants, engineers and a wide variety of people participate in the process of professional development. Even students wants to take up the the professional development courses for their future.

Many fields require members to participate in ongoing learning approved by the profession, sometimes as a requirement for keeping their jobs. Professionals often also voluntarily seek new learning. In education, research has shown that teaching quality and school leadership are the most important factors in raising student achievement. For teachers and school and district leaders to be as effective as possible, they continually expand their knowledge and skills to implement the best educational practices. Educators learn to help students learn at the highest levels.

Effective professional development enables educators to develop the knowledge and skills they need to address students' learning challenges. To be effective, professional development requires thoughtful planning followed by careful implementation with feedback to ensure it responds to educators' learning needs. Educators who participate in professional development then must put their new knowledge and skills to work. Professional development is not effective unless it causes teachers to improve their instruction or causes administrators to become better school leaders.

The effectiveness of professional development depends on how carefully educators conceive, plan, and implement it. There is no substitute for rigorous thinking and execution. Unfortunately, many educators responsible for organizing professional development have had no formal education in how to do so. The learning experiences they create for others are similar to their own experiences, many of which were neither positive nor effective.

Co-relation between Professional Development and Teaching Quality:

1. Professional development brings desirable changes in the teacher's behavior and communication. The first and the foremost factor affecting quality of teaching is the change in teaching beliefs and attitudes. The teacher understands the students in a better way if they have undergone the process of professional development.

2. Professional development courses keep the teachers, teacher trainees and teacher educators knowledge and skills updated. These courses make sure that teachers are aware about the recent changes that have taken place in the teaching methodology and teaching skills.

3. Brings warmth between the teachers and students. Untill the teacher has not undergone the process of professional development, they cannot easily connect with the students. Their confidence level is generally low. Professional development helps the teachers and teacher trainees to connect better with the students. Teachers who have undergone the process of professional development understand the student behavior and knows about correct actions to be taken at the right time.

4. Some teacher, teach with older teaching methodology since they have started their teaching career. Professional development helps such teacher in updating their knowledge and mindset. It makes the teacher more creative and active in the teaching-learning process.

5. Updates the teacher withe recent changes in the curriculum and transitional changes that needs to be taken place. It also keeps the teachers updates with the National Education Policy and enebles the teachers to bring desirable changes in the policy.

6. It makes the teacher aware about their rights and freedom that they can contribute to the nation.

Thus, professional development is not only necessary for the teachers but it also brings desirable changes in the behavior of the teachers. It has a remarkable effect on the minds of the teacher. As a conclusion, professional development is a essential step for the effective running of educational institutions.

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