Fantastic Resources For New Pre-School Teacher (List of Best 22 Options)


Fortunately, the Web has profound resources for teachers. We have sized up hundreds of educational websites to compile this list that contains 22 of the best ones. 

Fantastic Resources For New Pre-School Teacher

A teacher never forgets his/her first day in the classroom to teach elementary, middle school or high school students and unhesitatingly describes their experience from daunting to completely terrifying. For the new teacher, nothing is more important than being prepared, with reliable strategies as well as strong curriculum for overcoming problems in the classroom.

Use these sites to launch an arts and crafts project, plan your math lessons, or motivate those hard-to-reach students.

  • Classroom of the Future: Sponsored by NASA, this website allows you to take the International Space Station Challenge, which features space-related modules and activities for K-12 students.
  • The Educatorâ??s Reference Desk: You have the option to pick up from hundreds of lesson plans submitted exclusively to this site. Search by subject or by grade level.
  • Renowned educational publisher Scholastic sponsors this website. Here you will find essay competitions, videos, and expert advice from veteran teachers.
  • A to Z Teacher Stuff: This site was created by teachers, for teachers. It includes strategies for dealing with ADHD children, filling out report cards and surviving parent-teacher conferences.
  • Free Clip Art: With the thousands of clip art images available on this site, you can add pizzazz to your handouts. For example, you could put images of the sun and beaches on the last test you give out before summer vacation!
  • Federal Resources for Educational Excellence: The website is absolutely free and maintained by the federal government to provide teachers with access to stimulating content. It provides teachers with access to stimulating content. There is quite a wealth of resources available here, and the presentation is visually striking as well.
  • Lesson Plans Page:  A one-stop shop that contains tons of lesson plans for all grade levels and subjects. It also contains links to educator blogs maintained by its parent website, HotChalk.
  • Lesson Plans 4 Teachers: This site contains many useful, free lesson plans for ages K-12. You have an option search by subject area, age group, or browse recently featured categories such as lessons that pertain to Mothersâ?? Day and May Day.
  • For any serious teacher, this easy-to-navigate site will be a key resource.You can become a member to get access to the siteâ??s unique content.
  •  Maths is Fun: With an enticing graphics and many math-related illustrations sharing space in a grassy field, this British website is sure to draw your interest at the first glance. Click on any of the pictures and youâ??ll be treated to an in-depth exploration of all aspects of that mathematical concept, such as Algebra, Money, or Measurement.
  • Teacherâ??s Apparel: This website will help you dress up like a teacher and your students will be certainly convinced about that. Get a cotton sweater with children on it or a baseball cap that says â??Teacherâ? in rhinestones.
  • Teach With Movies: This site demonstrates how teachers can use video clips to enhance the classroom experience. For $11.99 per year, teachers get lesson plans and learning guides for over 300 movies.
  • Teachers Net: This is a great platform to connect with other teachers in order to share and receive encouragement, advice, and, of course, lesson plans. If you wish to know the current state of American education, you have landed at the right place- the site is maxed on journalistic articles that talk about American education system.
  • A social network just for teachers. Once you register, you can upload and download lesson plans and hand-outs, as well as joining groups of other teachers interested in a specific topic.
  • C and L Curriculum: Teachers can download many inexpensive charts and activities for pre-schoolers here. Themes range from In the Garden to Community Helpers such as firefighters and mail carriers.
  • Chubbie Cubbie: There are many free printable resources here, including coloring pages, signs for the classroom, awards for that special student and preschool graduation certificates.
  • Everything Preschool: This website is very comprehensive, with activities separated by alphabet area theme, and lesson plan. At the top, objectives of each lesson are mentioned, so you can decide whether the lesson fits into your unit.
  • First School: Any first-time preschool teacher will be relieved to stumble upon this website. It will help you carry detailed lists of materials for craft activities and themed lessons for different holidays and you will no longer discover that you have forgotten bringing the dried beans or the glue stick once you reach the school.Best of all, itâ??s free!
  • Internet 4 Classrooms: While teaching in the class, you can use this website. Provide your preschoolers with dance lessons and listening activities, or prepare them for computer literacy early by having them test their mouse skills.
  • Lilâ?? Fingers: This site specializes in animated storybooks for toddlers. Printable games, coloring books, and numbers activities are also available.
  • Preschool Education: Every aspect of preschool education has been covered in this website. You can find reviews of picture books, healthy snack ideas, and even short plays for children to act out.
  • Preschool Learning Online: This site has abundant resources for the busy preschool teacher, including lunch menus and songs to sing in a circle. Many of the lesson plans and activities, however, are not free.


Teaching a pre-school kid and keep them glued to their studies is a daunting task. However, the good news is that you don't need to continue teaching with those boring, obsolete, traditional teaching methods that not only mitigate studentâ??s interest in studies but also teacherâ??s interest in teaching. In todayâ??s digital age you can bank upon many websites (free and paid) that will keep the class alive and kick you will be able to break down abstruse concepts into easily understandable knowledge.


With these websites, engaging students in studies becomes a pleasure-seeking activity.They unburden you to an extent that you start coming up with innovative ideas to further better students learning the process.