Great Teachers Don't Teach


Teachers are considered to be the embodiment of knowledge. There are different kind of teaching methodology taken by teachers, some teachers teach by playway method, some teachers go for lecture methodology for teaching, some teachers like to teach by discussion method, however some teachers like to make the students learn through experimentation method.

What about Great Teachers?

As educators you must be thinking, "What that is crazy!" However, the article links truth to it. It states that students don't learn information from teachers standing at the front of the room and talking to them about what they need to know. Students learn from doing, experiencing and living the information that is given to them. The article states, "Good teachers know the content and know how to explain it."

Good teachers expect and demand high levels of performance of students. Good teachers are great performers and storytellers that rivet their students attention. A teacher should not only know the content well enough but also they should be able to present their content in such a way that students take maximum interest in the learning process. What makes a great teacher? Is it the teacher who always shows up on time? Or the teacher who has their lesson planned from start to finish? Well, these qualities may contribute to a great teacher, but they do not make one. In fact, teaching only contributes to a small part of what makes so many teachers great. From a student's perspective, teachers are great due to many reasons.

One of the characteristic of great teacher is "Passion". Teachers have the ability to shape and change a young student's mind every day. In order for any student to succeed, they must have a teacher who enjoys helping them succeed. When a teacher enjoys what they do and is able to rub these positive vibes onto a student, the student enjoys what they are learning.

Another indicator of a great teacher is a teacher who cares. All too often, we seem to fall into a monotonous school day routine: attend class, leave class, break, attend class, leave class. A teacher who cares about their students can truly change a student’s outlook and feelings towards the class. Students value a teacher with high expectations and motivation skills. Undoubtedly, who doesn't like inspirational teacher? A teacher who not only gives knowledge to the students but also helps the students to mould themselves through value based education by motivating them to achieve their goals.

Another feature of great teachers is that they reflect back on their own experiences and try to change themselves where-ever they feel they are going wrong. A great teacher is the one who gives a goal to the student. A student when comes under the shadow of such teacher becomes the responsibility of teacher. A teacher not only inspires the students but helpts the students in showing the pathway towards success. A teacher is not justa guide to the student but also a leader, a facilitator, a inspiration for the student. A great teacher always inspires the student. A teacher with high expectations not only pushes students to better themselves and their work, but also to achieve more, and rise to their full potential.

One of the characteristics of a great teacher is connecting the classroom-based knowledge with the real life. Be it social science, hindi, english, science or mathematics. They can connect every piece of knowledge with rela life examples. And when a teacher teaches through real - life learning. The results achieved by the students are maximum because learning is maximum.

Great teachers aren't just teachers, but also role models. They just don't teach, they gift life - time learning ability to the students.

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