Guidelines for teachers to create a positive ambiance in the classroom


It’s really pertinent for teachers to discern and create a positive and engaging classroom atmosphere. Research has established the close connection between positive classroom atmosphere and students learning ability. Amongst numerous factors associated with positive classroom atmosphere, one important factor is how teachers respond to children’s behavior. Teachers responses to children’s behavior will help to set the tone of the class. This article will talk about teacher’s role in creating a positive classroom atmosphere.

Smile to your students any time you see them

The first step to create positive atmosphere in the class is to comfort the students. You must make the students feel there presence in the class precious. Positivity must reflect through the way you talk, teach and communicate students – your body language and tone of voice also plays crucial role in bonding with students.

It’s prudent of teachers to welcome their students with a smile and tell them how glad they are to see them.

Avoid showing anger

It’s unnatural to expect your students to be disciplined all the time, you may sometimes be browned off by their behavior. The key to maintaining positive attitude is to stay calm and composed when you actually want to vent off your anger on them. Even as adults we sometimes find it hard to keep our emotions and actions in check. Students are in the process of developing social awareness as well as skills and should be dealt with patience when required.

Keep oneself professional

Some personal and professional events may bugger up your mood but it’s important to discern that separating the real life you and teacher you can mean a lot to your students and yourself. So simply yelling at students because you have got your purse stolen on the bus in the morning is not logical.

Accept your students for who they are

Child prodigies are rare and not all child are born with same skills and abilities or raised in the same environment. Their pace of learning also differs so teachers should be patient with the ones

who are asking questions or doing something that seems less than intelligent.

Positive communications with parents

Not only adults like acclamation but praising a child also takes his motivation level to new high. Positive communication with parents back home is equally important. Parents like to hear about what their kids are doing, and kids love to be complimented in front of their parents.

Keeping these things in mind a teacher can ensure well-rounded growth of a class and aids his students to use their potential optimally. A dearth of positive ambience in the class curbs unbridled enthusiasm of the students and they imbibe lot of negative traits which always prove detrimental to their career. is a platform to share your story, your experiences as a teacher. Share your story here