Helping Kids Learn Math Online


Math could be a herculean subject to tackle for several kids; however, an essential one to learn. But what if learning math was fun? What if the little ones could learn those theories and formulas in an interactive manner?

Well, we experimented with a few candidates from the aspirants and came up with exciting ways to help your kids learn math while having fun at the same time. These distinct skills go way beyond the creation of flashcards and use amazing tools comprising of adaptive technology, rap music, howling guitar solos and physiological research. Here are a few of such fun and cool programs.

DreamBox Learning - This is an online program for kids, where your munchkins can choose from over 500 match games while discovering a cybernetic adventure park full of pets, dinosaurs, fairies and pirates. Although it's not much different from a computer game, DreamBox serves as a stand-alone math program. Experience the versatile, online math program, proven to aid student reasoning process while supporting informed decision making. DreamBox Learning Online Math Program is devised by math teachers, helping to build a theoretical understanding that leads to technical fluency and raises student achievement.

Price: $13 monthly for a kid & $20 monthly per family.

Ages: K-3,

Multiplication Hip-Hop for Kids - Your kids will love these lively, 'Action - Packed Music Videos' for learning multiplication facts. They will also have a ball of a time learning timetables and other math facts by rapping and over a remix compilation. Multiplication Hip-Hop for Kids time’s tables goes all the way to 12s, meaning your child will be better prepared for multiplying dozens than you could have ever thought of. With modified rhythms and high production standards, your kid will feel proud to ride these tracks while voyaging around in rotators.

Price: Download the complete MP3 collection for $24.95.

Rockin' the Standards - Get the most out of your Rockin' the Standards CD and get some interesting and cool teaching tips that will boost your students learning. Kids can download Benny, Ryan, Timothy and Mikey for long hours of paper folding fun. Rockin' the Standards' tops the chart with their brand of educational music so parents can also book the band as they put cool in the school.

Ages: 2nd to 6th grade

Price: Download the entire album for $2.99 from digstation, Amazon for $8.99 and at iTunes for $9.99.

Besides these, KidCalc, 7- in-1 Math, Fun and Brainology are some of the other Online Math Programs that help kids grasp math easily and develop their intelligence and reasoning at rapid speed.

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