How Technology is Changing the Way Children Think and Focus


Two recent surveys reveal a widespread belief among teachers that students have shorter attention spans because of their constant use of digital technology.

Are you distracted by technology? Are smartphones, texting, video games, iPads, Facebook, Web surfing and television getting in the way of your learning?

Most of the children these days are distracted in the process of learning because of technology. Use of mobile phones, laptops and smartphones have increased during the course of times. And because of this overuse of technology they divert their focus. You must have seen people having lot many degrees still not getting the job. And on the other hand, there are people who posses just one degree in a major subject and they are able to establish themselves in a short span of time.

I understand that everyone has their own pace of learning and state of mind. It is necessary to have a positive state of mind and proper motivation towards learning in order to achieve your goal. And to inculcate motivation towards learning we must divert our thinking process towards learning.

Nowadays, no doubt a child is being helped by the technology for their homework, even in the classrooms learning is impossible without the use of technology. Like every coin has two sides, similarly, use of technology is good on one hand and is affecting the cognitive domain of the child on the other hand. Addiction to technology results in the change in the behaviour of the child towards parents, friends, teachers and even himself. At the age of 15 to 17 yrs, students are getting frustrated and depressed due to the overuse of technology in such a small age and the reason is relationships, a large social circle.

Students spend a lot of time with video games, I-pads, facebook and other social media sites because of which their health is affected, eyesight becomes weak, emotional breakdown, hero-worshipping and imbalanced mental health. A lot of studies has been done by different researchers throughout the world on the use and misuse of technology by users. And it has been found that use of technology is being misused more by the people belonging to adolescents (15-17 yrs of age) than by other age groups.

Adolescence is the age when a child observes a lot of changes in his body as well as surroundings. This period is also called a period of adulthood. It is during this period of time that the person neither remains a child nor is considered in the category of an adult. And because a lot many changes are observed during this period of time, therefore it is necessary that the child is properly guided and counselled because major diversion takes place during this period. Therefore, guidance about the use and misuse of technology must be done by the parents with a friendly attitude during this period of time.

In “Technology Changing How Students Learn, Teachers Say,” Matt Richtel reports on the two surveys:

There is a widespread belief among teachers that students’ constant use of digital technology is hampering their attention spans and ability to persevere in the face of challenging tasks, according to two surveys of teachers being released on Thursday.

The researchers note that their findings represent the subjective views of teachers and should not be seen as definitive proof that widespread use of computers, phones and video games affects students’ capability to focus.

Even so, the researchers who performed the studies, as well as scholars who study technology’s impact on behaviour and the brain, say the studies are significant because of the vantage points of teachers, who spend hours a day observing students.

What does all this mean for raising your children? The bottom line is that too much screen time and not enough other activities, such as reading, playing games, and good old unstructured and imaginative play, will result in your children having their brains wired in ways that may make them less, not more, prepared to thrive in this crazy new world of technology.

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