Lets Discuss: Can Robots be Teachers?


Human teachers exist. Mechanical teachers do not. If you are talking about computer based teaching programs, that is different.

Fewer than half of the students are self-motivated. Most are only there because they have to be there, and they only want to do the minimum amount of work that will get them the minimum grade they need to get the least amount of grief from their parents.

If I just passed out colouring books and told the students to colour all day, most wouldn’t complain. They wouldn’t see it as a lost opportunity to learn English. They would see it as an easy grade for them. Therein lies the problem with computer-based teaching programs: they require self-motivated students.

So, how are human teachers better than non-human teachers? Human teachers can teach everyone, not just the ones who want to learn.

Well, I personally feel that human beings are naturally gifted with ‘strong sensory feelings’ or what we say emotions, which is artificially imposed on Robot teachers. Even though instances have been odd nowadays, the sense of empathy, sympathy, social understandings or better to say psychological comprehends present in human teachers could not be ignored.

The best part of Human teachers are:

Human beings have different behavioural and psychological levels that define their social skills and interactivity. Even human is different and unique in their own senses. Automatically human teachers are powered by such cognitive-social-psychological mixtures to make the generations learn naturally. It is prompt and no formatting or programming is required.

How much the technical developments are, it surely is difficult for robot teachers to match up to the ‘unique’ social skills and cognitive ratio exclusively found in humans. A case of Finland’s education system can be referred here where the educators are channelling different teaching methods without using technical solution mostly.

Also, the conventional teaching approach gets a thumbs up by using a creative spirit which is a creation of man’s own mind and soul. And the use of such philosophies human teachers have all the natural tendencies to deliver the best and original teaching methods to groom a child.

The Robot Teachers pro and cons:

Robot teachers can accelerate the schedule of teaching if not programmed or formatted well. They are followed up by the artificial intelligence which is nothing but an alternative or substitution of human basic reactions something which the robots have imitated through the research and development phases.

It is not able to create real or natural reaction to critically complex human tendencies or have the same amount of human touch thing. Somewhat it will be mechanically be presented, loosing out the real human spirits of being living.

Robot lacks creative senses.

Robots, on the other hand, are used to read the human tendencies based on some calculative and categorically advanced research mediums.

This is can be possibly a good way to refer to live to tutor for the online courses or e-learning programs if candidates are to select the odd hours. But that should be for a temporary period, maybe just to quickly refer to the FAQ of adult learners.

Personally, I feel a lot is still required to replace human teachers with Robots. Research is going on to make it them common in the classroom settings, which definitely is a hell lot challenging than situation programmed in their robotic system.

It may also hamper the student-teacher bond. Because feel is evident if the reactions are manual and real. Also Human teachers should be their to continue with the effect of life, challenges, happiness and activities or else it civilization will be at great risk if Robots start taking the charge.

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