Keys to Classroom Excellence That Teachers Must Know


Keys to Classroom Excellence

Have you ever wondered what the keys to classroom excellence are? What is it that keeps students learning in the classroom?

As a teacher, do you know the art of enticing students? Do you know how to keep their diminishing interest alive? This article discusses the recipe for success in classroom teaching.

Interest and explanation – When you start taking interest in something, whether it is a hobby or an academic subject, we enjoy working hard. So besides establishing the relevance of the content, instructors need to craft explanations that help students understand the concept.

Appropriate assessment and feedback – This principle aims at using a wide range of assessment techniques and allows students to exhibit their mastery in different ways. It staves off those teaching methods that encourage students to memorize and regurgitate.

Concern and respect for students and student learning – Ramsden alludes to the fact that empathy and lack of compassion for students and students learning are pervasive and describes it a major loophole in imparting quality education.

Clear goals and intellectual challenge – Effective teachers articulate clear goals and set high standards for students. They know up front what they will learn and what they will be expected to do with what they know.

Independence, control and active engagement – It is of paramount importance for teachers to foster a sense of student control over learning and interest in the subject matter. Good teachers tailor learning tasks appropriate to the student’s level of understanding.

Learning from students – Effective teaching sees the relation between teaching and learning as uncertain, problematic and relative. Good teaching embraces change and tries to find out the effects of instruction on learning and modify the instruction in the light of evidence collected.

Without having the thorough knowledge of keys to classroom excellence, it is not possible to keep students motivated and keep the class alive and kicking.