Language Learning in St Norwood School Enriching Students’ educational experience


Students of St Norwood School are on the receiving end of a unique style of teaching. The students of Norwood school are taught a second language from as early as Kindergarten. The second language, Chinese is taught by Zu Qun. She believes that teaching students a different language at such a tender age is an enriching educational experience. She says that owing to the sharp memory of children, they memorize words readily, without even needing to study.

She says that it is extremely important, to begin with students at a younger age as it is the students become more involved and keen to learn not just about the language but the culture as well. She wants the students to not just know the Chinese language but also about Chinese geography and culture. Thus she plans to add these aspects as a part of the curriculum.

Dian Cormack, co-teacher of the progam said “In terms of fifth-graders, (they) try to interpret and want to match word for word, whereas the little ones just kind of get the gist of what the word means.”

The two Chinese instructors make an effort to make the language a part of the diurnal routine for the students. The signboards in the school contain Chinese words and pronunciations in order to make learning more interesting.

The Principal of the school Dora Stutler believes that the learning of a second language broadens the horizon of experiences. The principal further added that this might open new doors of opportunities.