Learn the Best Teaching Methods And Techniques


Today we are digging the debate of best teaching strategies and methods for school teachers. Understand what educators consider as a best classroom teaching method. This article will guide you to acquire some of the best teaching techniques and methods. It will give you an idea of the right way of teaching students.

While many people find teaching children to be rewarding, some will tell you that it’s just plain stressful at times. What are the best ways to teach kids? Do the methods and techniques vary across subject manner? For example, would you use the same approach to teach a child how to tie their shoes as you would how to do multiplication tables? Probably not. Having said that though, there is no fool-proof way on how to teach kids.

How can Teaching Strategies be Improved

The good news is there are many methods and techniques you can put to use. Children are versatile. Before adopting a teaching method, figure out how the kids learn best. From there, you can pick out teaching methods and techniques that are right for them. You will be amused how fast they can learn something once you teach to their learning style.

There are 7 primary learning styles:

Visual (Spatial) - These individuals learn best through pictures, images, and spatial understanding

Verbal (Linguistic) - These individuals learn best through words, verbal and/or written

Aural (Auditory) - These individuals learn best through sound and music

Physical (Kinesthetic) - These individuals learn best through experience and rely on the sense of touch

Social (Interpersonal) - These individuals learn best through group interaction

Logical (Mathematical) - These individuals learn best through logic and reasoning

Solitary (Intrapersonal) - These individuals learn best through self-study

It is pertinent to note that many kids learn well from a blend of learning styles. Think of yourself for example. Do you learn best through just one of these learning styles or several? Once you figure out a teaching method best-suited to a kid, you will see them improving in leaps and bounds in no time. Simply assuming that all kids will learn the way you teach them will land both you and kids in a tight spot. The right approach is to first gauge on learning style/styles that suit them before you start educating them.

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