Million Dollar Prize for his YouTube lessons


Eddie Woo an Australian teacher who’s been shortlisted in the final round for $1M Global Teacher Prize 2018. He is known for his online maths classes on YouTube. His enthusiasm for mathematics has helped kids all around the country learn and understand the subject through video tutorials on his YouTube channel — Wootube.

Eddie Woo & his WooTube channel

Eddie Woo’s exponential rise from Sydney maths teacher to YouTube sensation could soon make him a millionaire. Eddie is an enthusiastic maths teacher and school head. He is at the forefront of school-based integrated STEM education, having identified that students often experience high school subjects as existing in separate silos with little practical application.

His program MathsPASS (Peer-Assisted Study Sessions) see Year 11 students mentoring struggling Year 7 students to help them to rebuild confidence, develop understanding and improve skill in mathematics. The program has produced measurable improvements in the Year 7s’ numeracy, and it has also encouraged their mentors to pursue careers in education.

In 2012 he began to film his classroom lessons for a sick student and put them online through YouTube on his “WooTube” channel. This has become a valuable mechanism for students to direct their own learning at a pace that suits them and now has over 60,000 subscribers around the world. On discovering that teachers in training found his videos an invaluable window into actual classrooms and what exemplary teaching looks like in action, he created a separate channel where teachers can share their expertise.

Eddie is well known across Australia as an advocate for teachers and the importance of teaching. He has written for and been featured in, the specialist teaching press and in national and international media. He is currently writing a book on the beauty and usefulness of mathematics in layman’s terms.

Global Teacher Prize

The Global Teacher Prize, known as the Nobel Prize for Education, is an award created to recognize the outstanding contribution of the most outstanding teacher of the year to the profession and to underline the importance of the role of teachers in society.

Bill Gates paid a valuable tribute to the work of teachers around the world. He said, "When you think about what drives progress and development in the world, education is a key factor, which opens up many opportunities for countless people and societies."

"Research has shown that having a great teacher can become the most important element that determines when a student receives a good education. The finalists have been selected based on a set of rigorous criteria, including the demonstrated effectiveness in inspiring their students and helping them learn" he added further.

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