Should religion be a part of social education?


When it comes to religion, India becomes a sensitive nation and fails to understand that every individual is entitled to their opinion. However, as it is too subjective, it gets almost impossible to draw a line between being opinionated and offensive. Living in harmony and peace should be as important as being respectful of your religion. This needs to be taken care of at an earlier stage. It is safe to say that including religion in a child’s social education is important, provided, it doesn’t deviate from its core purpose. The purpose of social education is to ensure the overall mental development of the child, and encouraging them to become a better human being. It is always good to be aware of all religions and the importance of religions in our society. Having said that, religion should never become a reason of disturbance or any form of inequality in the society.

Why teach them about religion?

Educating students about religion can be a healthy exercise, if the content of this education is driven towards uniting people, instead of giving them a reason to drift apart from one another. The teachers must be aware of the impact of their teachings on these young minds, who will base their opinions on their early childhood education, when they grow up. Social education is important as it makes the students socially competent, which will ultimately lead to positive social interactions. The ability to “fit in” and get along with people in every setting, can be developed at a young age. It is the teachers along with the parents’ support who can help students develop these skills.

Religion is an important part of social education as it helps students learn about history, society, and the role of religion in shaping the society. Learning about religion will encourage them to develop respect for the beliefs of others. The objective of this education should be to drive the students to the path of building a diverse yet cohesive society.

Learning about social skills and adaptability/acceptance of people’s beliefs is as important as learning any other subject. Social skills will eventually help students in dealing with diverse people and situations and getting through the tough times. These skills will make them influential enough to create a positive impact on the society. When it comes to culture-rich countries like India, learning about religions adds to the reasons that set us apart.

Religion as a part of education, will help students recognize and evolve the spiritual side of their personality. It will help promote their moral and cultural development, thereby helping them acknowledge a deeper meaning to life. Educating students about religions will always have a positive impact on them and the society, as long as this education is based on the religion of humanity.

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