Talk about Physical Abuse in Classrooms (Quick & Easy Tricks)


Awareness is POWER. It's important that we create opportunities to talk to our children about what a good touch is and what is not. Parents can teach their kids about this, but they have a certain kind of hesitation to talk about it generally.

Here, come our teachers for rescue. They can discuss it with large number of students at same time. That how children should differentiate between a good and a bad touch. Advantages & disadvantages of not having a good knowledge about it. Let's discover some easy ways to guide your kids properly:

Why it is Important to Educate your Child about Touch?

You must educate your child about the various kinds of touch they can experience. An unwanted touch can appear in any form, and it need not be limited to sexual abuse. Even something as mild as a hug or caress from a relative might be unwanted. It does not matter if the touch seems fine to you; it matters only that your child is comfortable with it.
Having these experiences deep down in their memories, could affect kid's behavior in log runs or it could lead in a way that kids get disorder in their behavior as well.

Making Your Child Aware of Child Abuse

This is not an era where people shy away from mentioning anything sexual around their children. Children are quite able to grasp complex topics like sexuality and abuse. Once you explain to them how certain regions of their bodies are private, elaborate on how these spaces are delicate and must be protected from intrusion. Teach them to say no to strangers who offer treats or rides. Do not teach your kids to obey or respect any adult they come across if that adult is infringing on their physical space; instead, tell them to shout or fight back. And most importantly, let them know that they are not going to be punished or scolded for doing so, that they have done nothing wrong and have no reason to feel guilty.

Teaching them about Bad Touch

Tell them that their bodies have different levels of security, that is being patted on the head or back might be acceptable but being fondled in the private regions such as the chest, buttocks and genitals is unacceptable.

Ensure they know how to call out for help if they are feeling trapped or in an uncomfortable situation.

Teaching them about Good Touch

Good touch feels great and is a bonding experience, while bad touch breeds discomfort and stress. But let your child know about the intermediate safe touch, which might feel bad but is actually necessary. For example, examinations by doctors, receiving injections and medical treatments might upset your child but they need to know that these actions are necessary to safeguard their health.

Use the Right Language

When you explain to them about their anatomy, use the right words and the right language. Let them know that there is nothing dirty or bad about their bodies, and that there is a difference between a female and male body.

Help them understand that they are not at fault

It is important that the child knows right behavior from wrong and does not consider themselves responsible for somebody else's wrongdoings. You must assure them that the one who touches them inappropriately is the one at fault, and that they should not associate and harbor any feelings of guilt with such an incidence.

Teach them to get away from that place

You must teach your child to get away from that place as soon as they can. Also, they must know that they should not be alone with that person, whoever he is she may be, in the future. Being alone with the perpetrator of such a crime, gives them the confidence to commit the crime again

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