Teaching Coding In Schools Helps Students Be Producers In The Society


Many of the schools nowadays consider computer science to be a core part of the academic curriculum. With this advent of the computer as one of the mainstream subjects has lent importance to the code in various educational institutions. The campaign for code education has set off, it does not aim to offer high salaries of the future generations like that of a Facebook engineer rather eradicate such extravagant salaries be providing cheap labour in the to the tech world.

Coding education helps the students to maintain mental discipline, which benefits them to break down issues logically and solve them.

“We don’t expect all students to become computer scientists,” says Troy Williams, computer science integration manager at Chicago Public Schools. “But all students, no matter what their career [goals], can benefit from computational thinking.”

It provides an opportunity for students to be producers rather than consumers in the society. It helps students in analyzing the problem and critically solve them for their own self as well as for the community.

The teaching of coding also helps students to explore novel ways to solve problems. Coding develops problem-solving skillsets in such a way that it not only helps students who pursue their careers in technical fields but also the students who become doctors, CEOs etc. As the second phase of the 21st century is approaching, coding will soon assume the place of a critical skill required for modern life.