Teaching Council Strives To Strike A Balance Between The Demand and Supply of Teachers


The supply of teachers has undergone tremendous changes since the past few years. In fact, even the qualifications required to be a teacher has transformed over the years. Brian Mooney points out a chain of reasons impacting on the supply of teachers.

The aim for altering the qualification criteria is to ensure that people passionate about teaching enter into the profession and to make sure students receive the best of the qualified educators.

The Department of Education and Higher Education Authority are working together to make a model for demand and supply of teachers. The report, Striking the Balance is a collaborative effort of the two institutions in this direction. The report was published in June this year while the interim report was published in June 2015.

To intervene into a system which holds together 97,000 teachers, 4000 schools, and approximately a million students, it becomes necessary to exercise caution before making any changes.

After the coming of the Teaching Council, a completely qualified teaching faculty has been established. It aims to employ a people who would improve the quality and quantity of teachers in the teaching vocation.

The Council seeks to enhance the coordination between the demand and supply in order to fill in the increasing vacancies adequately especially in primary and post-primary schools.

The Council believes that teaching is a vocation which is demanding at the same time rewarding which impact the society tremendously. Hence, the Council strives to constantly maintain and improve the quality and quantity standards of the teaching profession.

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