The benefits of storytelling in teaching


Teachers must try to teach students with the help of stories. They will be able to connect more and learn more and generate interest in the subjects.

Including storytelling in teaching can help students learn faster and grasp more information. Children can often connect with the stories and thus take more interest while listening to one. The narrative structure of teaching can be an effective way of communicating with the children and teaching them about various issues of the society. Students can relate their experiences with the stories and learn about different topics in their curriculum, as well as topics which are not part of their curriculum. With the help of stories, teachers can educate the students about diverse cultures, people belonging to those cultures, etc. This way, the students will be enlightened about different traditions and values and develop respect for others.

When a teacher uses a narrative structure of teaching, it encourages the students to use imagination and creativity to learn more. It gives them a perspective and eventually a new approach towards education. It also encourages active participation among students and makes it easier for them to express their thoughts and feelings. While listening to stories, the students will pay more attention and will be keener to learn in classroom. This will ultimately enhance their listening skills as well.

The ultimate goal of the teacher should be to encourage students to develop the willingness to learn. Once students start finding pleasure in learning, it will increase the effectiveness of teaching.

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