The Positive Impacts of E-learning on K 12 Education System


Digital technology has so gradually seeped into our lives that we hardly seem to notice its impact. Digital technology has changed the face of classrooms. Education is becoming more integrated with the online world. The world of education is currently undergoing a quiet revolution. Not only colleges but many of the schools have incorporated online learning as a part of their diurnal curriculum. The integration of technology with education has revolutionized learning. Some of the positive impacts of online learning are as follows:

Shared Experience

E-learning can be utilized in many different ways. It assists in homework, school activities, lectures and sometimes it can completely replace the classroom. Students can access web-based programs to explore information, videos, games, quizzes. Technology is complementary to education but it also has the potential to replace the classroom teachings altogether. It democratizes education as it reaches out to those living is remote areas, who are seeking information.

It also makes the interaction between teacher and student more personal.

Adhering to Standards

Another positive impact of e-learning is that it helps to create a curriculum strictly according to the standards. It also helps to dish out information uniformly. Although the communication between a teacher and a student will shift to the online world, the information remains in accordance with the standards of the governing bodies.

It is observed that in some of the cases, e-learning can outdo in-class teachings. One of the benefits of e-learning is that it completely eliminates the chances of teachers getting muddled between facts and opinions.

Familiarizing Students With Technology

There are students in the modern world who still do not have access to computers, tablets or even the internet. It is important that these students be familiarized with the computer as well as the online activities.

E-learning can acquaint students with the online world. Along with online learning, students ought to be taught the tact to behave appropriately in the online world. It becomes necessary to teach online courtesy to students because most part of our interaction takes place in the online world.

Engaging Students in the Digital World

Most of the youngsters remain routinely connected to the online world. Social media has become an important part of their lives. This can be utilized as a means to make them learn. Youtube, as well as other gaming sites, can be used to teach students in a way which is much more interesting than the traditional means. is a platform to share your story, your experiences as a teacher. Share your story here