They can write in 6 languages with both hands simultaneously


Our schools, the premier but most underrated institutions for skill development. The innovative skills and rarest talents can be explored and mold here.

This is what some of India’s exceptional schools are doing well. Today let’s take a ride to one of its kind school campus & see if they can impress you with their extraordinary practices.

Probably most of you guys have seen the blockbuster movie 3 Idiots. Where Veeru Sahastra Buddhe was writing on a blackboard with both of his hands simultaneously. And we all get amazed with that scene. We thought it must be director’s instinctive trick to try something new & to deliver his audiences a humoristic punch.

But hey, wait a minute. Here’s a school full of students who are all using both hands to write & they’re writing with full fluency.

Students from Veena Vadini School, located in a small district called Singrauli from Madhya Pradesh. They’ve been taught this way to use both of their hands for every task. To write, to play or to learn. Students are doing it without facing any problem. Interesting facts about them is that this is India's one and only 'ambidextrous' school, which has around 300 students who write using both hands together at the same time.

These students have a high speed of writing with both hands and another fascinating thing about this story is they can write in six different languages like Hindi, English, Urdu, Sanskrit, Arabic, and Roman. With this high speed of writing & brain functioning students needs only one or one and a half hour to finish the same exam for which other students needs a span of three hours.

If you’re thinking about the need of this experiment then you must read more about it and we’re sure you’ll find uncountable benefits. Like the main key point is the skill of ambidexterity indicates that the left and right sides of that person's brain are pretty much symmetrical.

This rarest of the rare experiment has been done by the teacher & principal of the school Mr. B.P. Sharma. He’s an ex-army man who got inspired by this same talent of our first President Mr. Rajendra Prasad. Apart from Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Leonardo da Vinci, Ben Franklin, and Albert Einstein are some of history's most famous personalities who share the same skill as that of these students in India.

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