Top 5 Android Apps for Teachers to help them manage students


In today’s technology-driven and fast-paced world, it is equally important for teachers to keep themselves abreast of the latest developments in technology. This article “5 Best Android Apps for Teachers to help manage students” explains how teachers can have a great control over their students through these apps.

Teacher Pro 3

Teacher Aide is another powerful teacher app that bridges the gap between teacher and students. It comes with an attendance tracker, a gradebook, and a built-in function to help spot students who are at risk of falling. It features direct integration with Google Classroom. That makes it a great companion app if you happened to use that. You will get cross-platform support between Android and iOS.

Class Dojo

ClassDojo is a virtual classroom environment that gives the platform to teachers, parents, and students to interact with one another. It allows teachers to send alerts to parents, send feedback to students, and even accept assignments. Class Dojo is free and foster communication with one another. You set up the classroom on the platform. From there, get the parents to download the app. Then you're ready to go. It's one of those teacher apps that is a must-try.

Google Classroom

Google has forayed into the virtual classroom with Google Classroom. The best selling point of Google Classroom is that it’s free to use. Students will have their own email, cloud storage, and more. Additionally, it eases the work of teachers by allowing them to connect with students, parents, assign and receive work from students. It is deemed to be must-try teacher apps, especially if your school system already uses G Suite for Education.


Edmodo is another simple yet powerful app where students can post and turn in assignments, track progress, collaborate with teachers and everyone can upload files, photos, and videos.

It facilitates effective and flawless communication between parents, teachers, and students. Like ClassDojo, it’s entirely free to use. There is also a built-in grade book. It’s unarguably one of the best teacher apps.

Google Drive Suite

Google Drive is a cloud storage platform where you can store various files. It also comes with some apps included, like Sheets, Docs, and Slides. Still not convinced of its goodness? You can also have access to Google Keep and Google Photos to keep notes and backup photographs. It incredibly augments your productivity and you can also store worksheets, create presentations for students etc. with this wonderful app. The only limit is your imagination, really. You get 15GB of storage for free. You can bump that up to 100GB for $1.99 per month or up to 1TB for $9.99 per month.

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