Top 7 Computer Skills for Every Teacher to Master


In modern times, like professionals of other fields, teachers too have to make use of desktop PCs, laptop PCs, and even mobile devices like tablets while carrying out their core duties. They are also supposed to be well-verse with computer related technologies.

This, of course, includes the email, World Wide Web, video conferencing and desktop conferencing, to name but a few among other skills for resume. As a skilled educator, you will have to aim for uncommon excellence and proficiency in this computer oriented era. Well here are some top 7 computer skills for every teacher to master that can be regarded as been mandatory.

Word Processing Skills

Word processors are certainly some of the most ancient applications all modern computers now feature. As a teacher, you will have to be skillful in using the latest word processors in the market. This will enable you undertake and ultimately accomplish all your written communications with both your colleagues and students in a markedly time efficient manner.

Touch Typing

Touch typing is yet another essential computer skill, which all 21st century educators must take time to master. This particular skill lets you improve accuracy as well as typing speed.

Spreadsheet Skills

An excellent mastery of spreadsheets applications is indispensable for educators in 21st century. It will help you carry out some of the most pertinent aspects of your teaching duties in a flash.

Database Management Skills

As a teacher, you should be apt at using databases. This includes been able to create database tables, storing, and retrieving data from those tables. While also knowing just how you can create the right queries for the information found in your institute’s databases.

Email Management Skills

As an educator, you should be adept in sending and receiving email messages and the various applications you need to utilize as Email is now the most preferred means of written communication for most of us, in both our professional and personal lives.

Internet Navigation Skills

World Wide Web is a great repository of all manner of information which can definitely make your life as a teacher much easier. Generally speaking, you will have to find a good way of been able to efficiently navigate the internet for the exact data or teaching resources you stand in need of.

Networking Skills

Teachers who wish to remain relevant in their given fields should learn the basics of computer networking. If applicable, they ought to try their level best to totally understand just how their institution’s computer network functions and exactly how it can be of benefit to them in their professional duties.