Top Four Trends Of The K-12 Education Environment


The conventional model of K 12 education gradually waning. Innovative techniques have an impact on the way we perceive education as a whole. Education is evolving rapidly with the coming in of technology. New trends can be observed which have the potential to bring about a positive impact on learners of the current and future education systems. Below are some of the trends observed in the K 12 education program:

  1. Emphasis on Real-World Needs

Community building and problem-solving were never paid much heed to in the past. The trend of teaching students how to successfully grapple with the real world problems is gaining momentum. Online components of learning offer students a chance to learn computer programs, skills of which might be effectively used in the real world situations.

2. Family and Community Participation

Nowadays, families are actively partaking in their children’s learning and education. The new trend requires the schools to look after a child’s educational needs, rather than treating learning as a means of formal education. Moreover, parents are stressing over the overall development goals of the children. This is an efficient way to ensure that children receive good well-rounded education and that children are prepared for the future challenges. This involvement of parents and community was missing in the traditional system.

3. Online Learning Alternatives

It is reasonable to have online learning on the basis of the age of the children and their learning scope. This trend is fast gaining momentum in higher education and in the academic environment. Even if a child is home-schooled or is engaged in an alternative program, online learning helps in learning technology skills. Through online communities and forums students also learn time management skills as numerous group works, tasks, projects, etc. are assigned to the students.

4. Increasing Educational Options In Populated Areas

It might be difficult to find the right kind of education for children in overpopulated areas. Class of maximum capacity and schools with impacted curriculum are some of the genuine concerns of parents and can prove to be detrimental to a child’s learning. Alternative educational programs like charter schools help a great deal to find the schools befitting to their child’s educational needs. The increasing charter schools are helpful for a student who is otherwise put to less optimal education situations.