UNESCO Deems to Empower Educators on World Teachers’ Day 2017


On 5th of October celebrated as World Teachers’ Day, the UNESCO plans to emphasize on the work of educational service providers such as professors, teachers, researchers etc. A daylong chain of seminars dedicated to the work of educators at institutions of higher learning will be held at the Organization’s headquarter.

World Teachers’ Day has been celebrated worldwide since 1994. The theme of this year is “Teaching in Freedom, Empowering Teachers”. The reinforcement of the teaching fraternity turned out to be of a high priority in the Sustainable Development Goal for Education 2030, as stated by the UNESCO.

It emphasizes on making the teaching a profession where teachers can relish their professional independence and freedom. Besides, it also requires teachers to have the appropriate tools needed so as to deliver quality education to teachers. It is also necessitated for the teachers to be considerate towards the learner’s circumstances, needs and expectations.

UNESCO said that the increasing crises, insecurity and conflicts along with rising intolerance and discrimination are the fundament reasons which undermines the freedom and empowerment of the teaching fraternity.

The International community aims to provide universal primary and secondary by 2030. To meet this target the countries will need to recruit 6,68 million primary and secondary education teachers.

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