Use video to reinvent education (unleash the Power of a good story)


Visual mediums are the ones which can save those students who actually are unconventional. Typical and traditional methods of teaching are way more boring for them and in the age of technology we need to spice up their educational mediums also. It's about dealing with education and media both but at the same time.

Importance of Visual Medium

What happens when you read a book or story, words of story fire up your imagination and you begin to see things in your mind as if you are a witness to the events happening in the book or the story. Your brain works and you love it if it is an interesting story. Isn't that we loved when our grandparents did a storytelling to us.

Imagine now you are dealing with even more interesting topics like the universe, earth, nature, science or Anatomy. Hard to explain even with pictures. That's when a visual comes handy. Educators are now resorting to 3D graphics to go inside human anatomy and explain what heart is and how blood is circulated. Imagine the immersiveness that happens when a student gets inside the heart and becomes the part of the pumping blood and the journey everytime a pump happens.

Visuals were the first medium of conversation and communication. Since the ancient age. We can say, that in today’s scenario we can use this earliest medium to not just learning but also for the reason that visuals stays in our mind longer. Comparatively, the text is not as much to be remembered that the images or video mediums are to be remembered. Why because our brain doesn't record texts, it records pictures. It is actually a video camera inside our brain and teachers are asking to study text. Research also suggests that people learn abstract, new, and novel concepts more easily when they are presented in both verbal and visual form.

Case-based learning

In this medium, you can shift the topic or so to say the idea of that particular lecture so that it can connect better with students. As the medium is live or particular on its topic. you can address exactly what we want to deliver.

Check the example of popular science channel on YouTube which is veritasium or best check the website by Derek_Muller

Derek talks about one topic at a time on the science video, he talks to experts, does experiments and show's how exactly things happen and that makes the whole thing very interesting. You will be hooked to the channel when you will check his videos.

Power of a good story

Visual mediums are very new to be accepted in a form of teaching in India. Multimedia presentations, slides or videos were not a part of our education system. Here we are coming to these terms and discovering the new medium of learning.

In this context, TED Talks are one of those things which are getting popular day by day. Because they’re addressing and talking about the general section of people. Who have been failed measurably, fallen down, aimed nothing but at the end, they have achieved something in their life. Like Mithila Palker one of the most popular youtube, web-series actresses have said in her speech as well. Her journey, struggle, and outcoming is the thing which inspires a lot of people. Especially the youngsters who are yet to be figuring out what they actually want to do and how they should approach it. Another fact is that these sort of videos or so to be said TED Talks are easily accessible and accessible. So the time issues are also not a matter in this case.

Determine the correct approach

By taking this method, we need to be very careful as well. As we discussed above that visuals are to be remembered for a very long period of time. We should carefully use this technique as well. So that the message can address and communicate in a proper way with the students. Sugata Mitra who is a Professor of Educational Technology talks about it in a very refreshing way. Also, we need to see and search about Salman Khan not the actor but the man who talks about how and why he created the remarkable Khan Academy, a carefully structured series of educational videos offering a complete curriculum in math and, now, other subjects.

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