Ways To Involve Educational Stakeholders in K 12 Education Improvement


From administrators, staff, teachers, school board, city councillors and state representatives to parent and community members, anyone who is responsible for the welfare and success of a school can be termed as the educational stakeholders. They have a personal, professional, civic interest or concern either in the school or its students.

Stakeholder engagement is one of the ways for the success and betterment of a school. In order to improve public education, members of different level of education should communicate to each other. The entire community is responsible for the growth and progress of the young minds. It becomes necessary for schools to engage more and more stakeholders such as parents, teachers, families and communities in education. Here are some of the ways to engage more educational stakeholders:

  • By determining needs, interests and ideas of parents and educators.
  • By making family-friendly policies to encourage a better participation of families and communities.
  • By rendering professional development training for school teachers on family and community engagement.
  • By providing training to community stakeholders and parents in order to help them inculcate effective communications and partnering skills.
  • By making schools aware of school district policies and procedures
  • By utilizing effective communication tools to make sure due access of information
  • By hiring and training intermediaries with an understanding of the history, language and cultural background of communities so as to effectively communicate with the parents and coordinate activities with them.
  • By collaborating with higher education institutions for various teacher and administrator programs so as to encourage the involvement of parents, teachers and community.
  • By developing a strategy to reach out to the parents, teachers and communities. This can be done by informing them about by informing families and communities about the opportunities, programs and policies of school engagement.

The involvement of family and community leads to the betterment of the school. The involvement of educational stakeholders also helps students perform better in their academics. The involvement of parents, teachers and community can also help the students to remain motivated and pursue high educational aspirations.