What is the 1 thing that our parents don't teach us in life & we have to learn on our own?


Most successful people have failed many times before becoming successful. You must learn from your failures.

You cannot live your life merely to please your parents. You can live with their disappointment by realizing that this is their feelings, to which they are entitled.

But you don't have to feel the same way they do. In fact, you owe it to yourself to move on and ask yourself what you want to do in life. You are part of a new generation with new ideas and different ways of finding success. Becoming a success today is a whole different ball-game from what it was when your parents established themselves.

My parents have always beware me of failures. And I am being always trained to succeed. From getting 10 cgpa in 10th class to 97 per cent in 12th and finally CS degree from one of the top Universities (Hansraj college Delhi University) of Delhi then I finally failed to get my dream job. I ended up in blues. I was always afraid of failure, which pushes me to succeed no matter what. No matter how bad my health is, my mental state is I always kept working to succeed. And in the process, I completely forget what actually failure and success it.

How can an exam define my worth and potential? Why I need to study something which I am not passionate about. What failure is? Is failure getting low marks! Is success getting good marks?

I wish if they had told me failure is quitting. Not my marks or result. Success is a journey, not a result. Failure is not a nightmare. It's okay too. it's an opportunity too to begin again. It's the inevitable part of life. I wish if that had told me more then success and failure HAPPINESS matters most.I matter most.

But, let me tell you success is not defined by the goals we have in our life. It is also not defined by what we achieve in life. Having a comfortable and blissful life is not a success. Although I agree everyone doesn't have a blissful life, I feel success is having your loved ones near you. Having your family to share your ups and down with is a success. Your success is in the happiness you get from the people who love you. Because ups and downs are the part of everyone's life and each one of us has to pass through different phases of life.

Sometimes we may feel too good at a point of time and sometimes we feel too low and things get too much crowded in the frame of our mind that we do not find any direction to go. We don't even feel like sharing it with someone. This is the stage and when it comes we feel like taking a wrong step and ending our life. But that's not we are born for! and that's not what we got life for! we are born to rule! we are born to stay happy and define success in our own words because everyone has their own definition of success.

For some success is in achieving good marks, for some success is money, for some success is having pleasure, for some success is fame and for some success is in relationships, health and happiness. I feel if we are able to have our own definition of success that means we are understanding ourselves. And understanding ownself is a real success. We need t to understand that everything is not taught by the parents and there are some things in life that we learn ourselves through life lessons and this is a success in real terms "KNOWING OWNSELF!"

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