What should be in a Teacher's bag?


Teachers will usually leave materials and lesson plans, but they also want to have a plan B at all times. When students in the class don't want to study and you are supposed to teach them but you don't know how.

Here we're at Beyond Teaching, listing some essentially useful tools, props and little things to help:

Riddles and age-appropriate puzzles are great if you have time left after completing the sub plans. A picture book with multi-age lesson plans to go with it. ReadWriteThink.org has great picture book lesson plans. Dice and worksheets are good to have handy too.

Sanitizers are a must in a teacher’s bag. Band-Aids or tissues are also very important.

Something which is directly not related to syllabus but in a keen interest of kids. Like teachers, cute little stuff for giveaways.

Teachers are living in emergency breakfast system. Usually, they need energy in every few hours, due to they're excessive physical and mental sessions in classrooms. Where they need to match the energy levels of their students.

Chocolates and fruits are useful options to curb their hunger or these options are a big reason for the smile on student's face as well.

Items like multi-purpose kind of things are a big savior. Like a sharpener, eraser or pencil in a single object. This can help you in managing the space problems. After this, you need some more teaching stuff like highlighter, mini-stapler, paper-pins, and colors.

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