Why teaching coding skills to kids has become indispensable?


Need of Coding Skills for School Teacher

The article is about how coding skills can be helpful for kids to imbibe skills which they will be needful of in the future. It talks about the significance of coding as an essential skill for the kids. Dig into this article to know why at Beyond Teaching.

Kids grow up answering a question 'what do you want to be when you grow up', but the good news is that they no longer require to answer this question and parents need not ask this question as the jobs they wish to land in future is not existing now. It is an interesting problem but students can prepare for it by acquiring certain skills that can be adapted to any job.

These skills do not include accounting or typing. They will be project management, ability to collaborate, storytelling and critical thinking, pitching and analyzing. So why bot becoming a part of a creative team that builds and codes robot to perform delicate surgery instead of becoming a doctor.

Cool, Huh?

Ben Levi, co-founder of the code camp, believes that he is helping students learn the skills of the future and says that learning to code is more important than becoming a developer.

Learning to code allows students acquire gobs of skills including:

  • Computational thinking
  • Logical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Confidence & fun
  • Creative with technology

Ben said that using these skills they may build an easily downloadable and shareable app. Ben said that researchers believe that design thinking, creative coding, problem solving, clusters of skills in entrepreneurship, creative technological approaches and problem solving are going to be the key skills for the future workforce which we teach kids at Code Camp.

The Foundation For Young Australian's Work Smart Skills acceded to the fact that by 2030, globalization, automation and flexibility will change what we do in every job which is why it becomes imperative to endow young people with the smart skills they will need most. Australian schools are working diligently to make this happen, but owing to the fact that Australian pupils are falling behind in mathematics, sciences and computer technology, they need to speed up the process.

Keeping an eye on this technology-driven world, it seems prudent to arm students with skills which they can put to use stamping out all the barriers which could stop them landing their dream job in the future. The article guided you how coding helps kids to imbibe skills that are needed in jobs.

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